Jasper Family Shoot - Papago Park

Jasper Family #1

When Danielle approached me about doing a family shoot I was admittedly nervous.

"But...you have a baby who is barely a year old. I am somehow terrible with babies, despite being a former baby myself."

In spite of my issues with babies, everything went off swimmingly. Danielle and Michael both looked like they stepped off the pages of GQ, and little Ezra off the pages of...Baby GQ, if that's a thing. The location was wonderful, even if there were 5 other photographers and their clients scouring the same area for their own perfect shots. We spent roughly an hour together inside Papago Park in Tempe, AZ, making our way through the Oasis and just outside the famed Hole in the Rock lookout spot. 

The only other concern was sunlight. Being a predominately natural light photographer, I've learned to know when the skies portend a rough time or smooth sailing. Thankfully, the gloomy outlook soon turned into the perfect blend of white and yellow light peaking through gray clouds overlaying a playfully blueish sky.

Since posed portraits aren't really what I care for, and thankfully the same went for the Jaspers, we kept it all very casual. My subjects and I were beginning to settle into a relaxed shoot and that shows as we were able to capture little moments between mom + dad or baby + mom/dad/both. I'll say this a thousand times over: you could be the best technical photographer in the world, but portraiture (and any other form of photography) goes beyond technical skill. You have to have subjects willing to let you into their lives, if even for a single hour. Without that vulnerability and authenticity the images might "look" good, but they won't be interesting or offer much to the viewer. Danielle, Michael, and yes, even Ezra did a lot of the heavy lifting for me. 

You can enjoy a few more examples from their shoot below. If you are interested in having your portrait taken, let's get in touch. I specialize in family shoots like this one, as well as business headshots and commercial/product photography. My biggest priority in all I do: client input and satisfaction. It really is a group effort. Since nobody knows you or the project you might want to collaborate on better than yourself, it only makes sense that we create something awesome as a team.