Hands-On Basics of Photography Lessons

When I purchased my first DSLR back in 2015, I had no idea what I was doing. I was taking photos with my iPhone and learning a bit about photo editing (translation: FILTERS, BABY!) when I decided I wanted to “go legit” and get a “real camera”. My girlfriend and I purchased our own packages of very basic DSLRs that came with kit lenses, some cleaning supplies, and tripods with the tensile strength of tinfoil. Here is the very first photo I ever took with that camera:


Someone call the Smithsonian.

Obviously I had no idea what I was doing. I watched YouTube tutorials, attempted online courses, and bugged every friend that had a camera of their own. While I’m still constantly learning new things, it took me two years to feel like I actually knew what was going on. My goal is to help you shorten that timeline. 

I’m now offering basic-level photography lessons for anyone who could use the help. What we cover and where we start will be determined by your present understanding of photography. However, the overall focus will be on fundamental elements such as the Exposure Triangle, composition, using natural light, etc. That means this is a course for beginners. Here’s the breakdown:

Individual Lessons

  • $150 per lesson

  • Each lesson comes with two 1-hour increments

    • First hour - Camera settings and basics & hands-on practice

    • Second hour - Photo mission on location

Group Lessons

I realize that this can be a vulnerable experience, and that’s why I offer group sessions. If you and a friend schedule a session, you’ll each receive 25% off the Individual Lesson price. Any group of 5 or more receive 50% off. Group sessions also get an extra hour since it won’t be as one-to-one as an individual session. Because I’m just one man, I have to cap groups at seven. I don’t know why seven is the number, but it just seems like a reasonable stopping point for me. 

We all learn differently, and at different speeds. With more than a decade of teaching experience, I’m confident you and I will be able to collaborate together to form a learning path that’s best suited to you. If that means spending more time going through the basics on paper, or spending more time shooting in the field, we will figure it out together.

Let’s get your lesson scheduled.